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Climate Change

Climate change not only means a generally rising earth temperature, but also portends more extreme conditions. There will be more frequent droughts, floods, hurricanes, and other extreme events that affect the quantity and quality of water supplies. Some areas will not be as affected as others, and may even show nominal change. However, the consequences of climate change will extend to all areas, in that food production, economic activity, water security, in fact, world stability, will all be affected by this phenomenon.

It is essential that water managers and decision makers account for this phenomenon when planning for longer term horizons. Long term data collection of critical hydrologic variables will be invaluable for tracking changes to water resources over time. Analyzing this data and detecting subtle changes as well as optimizing water resource use and allocation will be critical.

NOAH helps its clients implement data collection systems for collecting critical information and data. Algorithms that optimize temporal and spatial locations are used to improve spatial coverage and temporal resolution of sensor instruments. Using specialized algorithms, NOAH also helps its clients analyze the data to identify potential relationships and long term trends. And NOAH can help its clients implement a real-time prediction and optimization system that can more effectively manage its water assets during both normal and extreme conditions.