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NOAH is part of an international research team for a transformative National Science foundation project that "through multidisciplinary collaboration will fuse qualitative and quantitative data to connect human events and environments to form historical narratives within and across geographic spaces." More information regarding this project may be found at: http://www.isu.edu/magazine/spring10/map-on-history.shtml

NOAH members recently had a book chapter entitled “Artificial Neural Network Based Modeling of Hydrologic Processes" published by Taylor & Francis in the reference Handbook of Engineering Hydrology.

NOAH members in conjunction with hydrologists for Malta are co-authoring a chapter entitled “Application of Optimization Models and Decision Support Systems in Drought” which will be published by Taylor & Francis in the reference Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity.

Later this year, NOAH will be offering a webinar entitled Groundwater Hydrology Theory and Practice with Real-World Applications, which will include an overview of using simple models for relatively complex problems. Early next year NOAH will be offering a webinar series on artificial neural networks, formal optimization, with application to water and other environmental related problems.