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There is a unique power in numbers that often advances human understanding. When used properly, numbers have the ability to illuminate and explain in ways that words cannot. Numbers are used to measure and quantify critical water, energy, and other environmental variables, like groundwater levels, surface water flows, contaminant concentrations, energy consumption, water extraction rates, temperature, and precipitation. Advanced data collection systems have the ability to measure, transmit, and store numerical data at virtually any time frequency of interest. The water industry has invested enormous capital in the implementation of advanced data collection and control systems like SCADA.

Unfortunately, seemingly intractable numerical data sets have been largely ignored by the water industry, where a "data rich but information poor" environment exists. NOAH believes that real-time data streams should not merely be relegated to databases or spreadsheets, often ignored by the entities that collect them. Recognizing their enormous untapped potential, NOAH has dedicated itself to developing the world's most advanced decision support system that continuously transforms data streams into real-time information and superior decisions.

NOAH believes that the power of numbers should never be taken for granted, the value of which can ripple out in ways previously unforeseen. With advanced technologies like SCADA, artificial intelligence and optimization, there is an almost infinite capacity to process and utilize continuous data streams to address some of the world's most pressing water and energy problems. These continuous streams of numbers should never be viewed as so overwhelming as constituting a barrier to understanding. Rather, they should be exploited to extract maximum information and accurately predict the once unpredictable for optimizing complex decisions.