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ARCs™– Assessment-Response-Control System

ARCs™ is the next generation of high power computing solution capability. This user-friendly modeling and management program combines ANN and optimization technologies with other modeling techniques.

ARCs™ is customized to fully address our client's needs in a logical and integrated manner. Spatial and temporal data pre-processing is conducted for optimal ANN prediction capability. The prediction and optimization domains are expanded as necessary by combining interpolation and/or physical-based equations with the ANNs. The optimization management formulation is tailored to achieve the objectives and meet the constraints of the client. A user friendly GUI makes its operation seamless and easy.

ARCs™ can be continuously updated to real-time conditions, providing the client with the most accurate predictions and solutions possible. The multi-functional software can perform a number of important tasks simultaneously; 1) assessing system conditions; 2) predicting system responses to alternative control decisions, and 3) identifying optimal control decisions via optimization.

Helping clients avoid a rear view approach.