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NOAH's patented real-time decision support system can be applied to any prediction and optimization problem for superior process control and resources management. The ARCs™ software system provides accurate real-time predictions with the corresponding optimal control values to maximize benefits and minimize costs to the extent feasible. The system can also be limited to real-time prediction when formal optimization is not required. 

NOAH works with your staff to characterize and define your prediction and management optimization needs. Highly accurate real-time prediction models are developed from your data. The optimization management program is formulated to include the necessary management objectives and constraints.  Other modeling enhancements like interpolation and/or physics-based equations are included as necessary to increase the domain of prediction and optimization. The ARCs™ software program is directly linked with your real-time data collection system.

NOAH identifies ways to improve your data collection systems for better prediction and management capability. NOAH provides your staff with training and support so they can achieve a high level of proficiency in operating our user-friendly ARCs™ software program, while offering user support as necessary.

Modeling Techniques
NOAH’s expertise is not limited to ANNs and optimization. Our expertise spans a wide variety of modeling and mathematical methodologies, including numerical methods, analytical methods, statistics, fuzzy logic, dynamic systems theory, wavelets, and multiobjective analysis.

It is our experience that the best model is not necessarily the most sophisticated model. Often, a simpler model is best for the problem at hand. Model selection depends on many factors, including the physical and mathematical nature of the problem, data availability, modeling and prediction needs, time, and resources. In some cases, multiple models of different levels of complexity can be used in combination to both validate and support each other, or one model may be all that is needed.

Optimizing Data Collection Strategies
NOAH can optimize existing data collection strategies by optimizing sensor locations on the basis of multiple objectives, including costs, spatial and temporal characterization needs.

The ARCs™ decision support software can quickly pay for itself in many different ways, including: